How Kids Can Get a Workout on the Playground

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When the weather starts to warm up and the sun is shining, children may be eager to escape to the outdoors as much as they can to have fun and play. Outdoor activities and workouts are great ways for children to exert energy and work towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s essential for kids to get out and play with their peers to start combatting a sedentary lifestyle, and it’s helpful to have fitness-focused playground equipment for children to explore and utilize.

The equipment on the playground is a great resource for a successful workout for kids. They can get creative and think of fun and challenging exercises to get an enjoyable workout at the playground. Working out doesn’t have to include the typical cardio, free weights and other common gym equipment. There are numerous options for children to get exercise on the playground at school, park or a community center.

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How to Work Out on a Playground

It’s easy to understand how people work out at the gym — there is access to free weights, cardio equipment, group fitness classes and other weight equipment. But this often isn’t an ideal route for children — they need fun and safe ways to exercise. If you’re unsure how children can get a safe workout at a playground, don’t worry. All kids need is adequate space to move their bodies.

Children of all ages can enjoy the local playground. Equipment like swing sets, monkey bars, slides, sports equipment and other fun activities can be great for kids to work out and develop an enjoyment for exercise. Have the kids strap on their runners, bring plenty of water and get ready to plan their playground workout routine.

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Benefits of Play and Exercise

Sports, games, swimming and playing at the park are fun ways to be active and enjoy exercise. It’s important for kids to understand that watching TV and other sedentary activities are OK to do sometimes, but that it’s healthy for them to be moving and active most of the time. People who are physically fit typically feel better, maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce risks of different illnesses. The earlier a child starts to play and learn that exercise is important, the more they might appreciate a physically fit lifestyle.

Check out these 10 benefits of exercise and how it can improve your overall health:

  1. Helps keep arteries and veins clear: Exercise decreases cholesterol and unhealthy fats in the blood.
  2. Keeps the heart strong: Kids need to work their muscles in order to keep them strong and healthy. Since the heart is also a muscle, it’s important to keep it healthy, too. Exercise can help improve the strength of the heart.
  3. Strengthens bones: Bones become stronger, like muscles, when kids work out.
  4. Strengthens lungs: Exercise and play help work the lungs and their efficiency to move air in and out of the body.
  5. Helps with weight: Living an active lifestyle helps with controlling weight and other weight-related issues, like heart disease and diabetes.
  6. Improves energy levels: Exercise and play can make kids feel more awake and have higher energy levels.
  7. Improves emotional health: It’s common to feel a sense of well-being after exercising.
  8. Helps blood pressure: Exercise can help regulate blood pressure and help with stress levels.
  9. Helps lower blood sugar levels: Working out can help reduce blood sugar levels.
  10. Lowers risk of illness: Maintaining an active lifestyle helps keep kids healthier and can reduce their risk of illnesses.

Exercising on the playground is a crucial aspect of a child’s growth. Quality playground equipment can make working out more interesting and enjoyable for children.

Types of Playground Equipment

What’s fun about working out on a playground is you can always mix up your routine and find new ways to do different exercises. Different types of playground equipment can help kids of all ages and abilities have fun and be active. Check out these different kinds of playground equipment kids can use to stay active:

  • TrekFit: Our TrekFit outdoor fitness equipment gives kids an infrastructure to work different muscle groups while soaking up the sunshine. This fitness equipment is fun for people of many ages, and allows kids to complete a full circuit of beneficial activities.
  • Commercial playground equipment: When you think of the usual structures you see at the playground, commercial playground equipment is probably what you envision. Manufacturers create this equipment to help with child development and to be enjoyable. Though it is not specifically designed for exercise, commercial playground equipment promotes movement and can still be used for different physical activities. Children can also exercise and have fun on Champions Trek equipment by Miracle Recreation. This equipment encourages competition as kids get a full-body workout while exploring the structures.
  • Inclusive playground equipment: All kids can benefit from physical activity and playing on the playground, and inclusive playground equipment provides accessible equipment for children with different mobility needs.

Advantages of Working Out on a Playground

Working out on the playground is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Children can also benefit from other advantages of exercising on the playground, including:

  • Increased variety and creativity: Playground equipment allows children to use their imagination while they explore its different features. They can try out slides, swings, monkey bars and other aspects of the playground in new ways when focusing on physical exercise.
  • Community enjoyment: Many people enjoy the park, and kids can make new friends at the park and learn more about their community.
  • Outdoor sports: Kids can choose to play on playground equipment, or grab a soccer ball, football or any sports equipment and play team games with other kids nearby.
  • Sun and fresh air: Being outside is good for a person’s physical and mental health. Kids can enjoy the sun on their skin and breathing in fresh air during their workout and playtime at the playground with shade structures. 

Children can play and be physically active outside at school and at home. They can have gym class outside, be on the playground at recess, play soccer after school at the park, go for a bike ride and enjoy other outdoor activities. The playground is a great place to bring children to release their energy and get them moving. Encouraging outdoor activities and using playground equipment to be active is important for children of all ages.

Support Kids’ Health by Adding TrekFit to Your Community Park

Outdoor fitness equipment is a great investment for any community, and TrekFit is a great solution. Turn your community’s outdoor space into a functional fitness park. TrekFit is great for all fitness levels, encouraging kids to develop healthy habits that they can continue into adulthood. This is ideal to support the overall health of a community and the next generation.

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Contact PlayPower Canada to Implement Exercise Equipment in Your Community

PlayPower Canada offers high-quality exercise equipment the kids in your community will enjoy. Provide safe and durable outdoor fitness equipment to your park that can encourage people to get outside and accomplish workouts. Contact PlayPower Canada today to learn more about TrekFit and other exercise equipment to fit your community parks’ needs.

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