RMA Trade in partnership with Sourcewell in Canada

RMA Trade, and their provincial affiliates, are proud to partner with Sourcewell and PlayPower Canada to provide cooperative purchasing that streamlines the procurement process while satisfying all legal purchasing requirements. Quickly process the playground purchase you need!

A Cooperative Purchasing Solution for Canadian Municipalities

Government organizations, schools and nonprofit organizations have free memberships to purchase using the Sourcewell co-operative agreement. With the buying power of more than 50,000 agencies, our trusted partners assists nonprofits, governments and education systems purchase more efficiently.

Purchasing Through RMA Trade/Sourcewell: 3 easy steps

The purchasing process involves these three steps:

  1. Post a notice on your recognized electronic bid notification system of your intent to use the RMA/Sourcewell cooperative purchasing program.
  2. Contact the supplier of your choice, requesting RMA/Sourcewell pricing.
  3. Confirm your purchase with the RMA/Sourcewell contract number.

Find PlayPower’s vendor information here.

Benefits of Partnering with RMA Trade in partnership with Sourcewell

When you become a RMA/Trade Sourcewell member, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • Save time and effort. You can reduce the work needed to obtain a high-quality contract to maintain your vision without sacrificing quality for the lowest price. Sourcewell takes care of the complicated aspects of bidding to provide a simplified solution.
  • Increase response quality. Sourcewell partners only with trusted vendors that have experience and integrity. The responses you receive through Sourcewell feature high-quality service, products and bids.
  • Work with the resources you have. Nonprofit, educational and government organizations need to make the most of their staff and resources. Since Sourcewell takes on much of the work associated with purchasing, you can maximize your assets.

Purchase the playground equipment you want efficiently, within budget, without having to accept inferior proposals.

Reasons to Choose RMA Trade/Sourcewell for Cooperative Purchasing

As a RMA Trade/Sourcewell member, you get access to trusted vendors like PlayPower Canada with nationally-leveraged products. Give your organization these advantages in the bid process when you choose RMA Trade/Sourcewell:

  • Trusted suppliers. Every vendor on the Sourcewell website goes through a competitive solicitation process. The Board of Directors awards contracts to the most responsible and responsive vendors that apply.
  • A single-source solution. RMA Trade/Sourcewell simplifies the purchasing process into three steps. You can find reliable vendors, choose a contract and finalize a sale, all on the same website. Standardize replacement parts for convenience and time savings. You don’t have to settle for low-bid and low response RFPs.
  • Designed for your organization. As a national cooperative government partner, RMA Trade/Sourcewell has your organization’s needs in mind. They understand how to help nonprofits, government agencies and schools to get the products they require, efficiently and within budget!

Enhance your purchasing power with the above benefits when you join RMA Trade/Sourcewell.

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