Guide to Selecting the Best Site Amenities for Your Park

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Parks are beautiful areas of natural space and popular areas for families, children and pets to safely enjoy the outdoors. When designing the layout of a park, it is important to select the best amenities possible, not only to attract visitors with an enjoyable experience but also to ensure that the park makes the best use of its space.

In this guide, we’ll review the most important factors on how to choose park amenities as well as discuss the most popular and useful amenities you should consider adding to a park. Investing in the right design and amenities can ensure that a park will be a community staple for years to come. Read the full article or skip ahead to a certain section:

How to Choose Site Amenities

Before choosing specific site amenities for your park, it is important to consider external factors that may impact your decision. Review the following areas to ensure that you choose the site amenities that make the most sense for your specific park’s needs.

What Is the Purpose of the Site?

Not every park serves the same purpose. From children’s playgrounds to picnic grounds to bike trails, every park requires different amenities to ensure that visitors can enjoy the area to its fullest potential.

Begin by considering the intended purpose of the park. Where is your park located? Is it in a residential area with a lot of children? Is it built near an office space? Is it part of an environmental system or community park service? The more specifically you can identify the intended purpose of your park space, the clearer the vision site designers will have in building you the most appropriate and useful amenities for your site.

Who Will Use the Amenities?

Once you establish the purpose of your site, the next step is to target who will be using your site based upon that intended purpose. If you’re building a playground, then children and their parents will be the primary visitors to your site. If you’re building trails, then runners and hikers will be a large portion of your visitors. By determining who is using the site, you can better anticipate what these specific visitors will require while they are utilizing your site’s space.

What Is the Future of the Site?

A final factor to consider when choosing park amenities is the future of the site. Is the park a permanent site or a temporary one? Is the site built on protected grounds that prohibit bulldozing or grazing?

Additionally, consider your intended visitor’s future. If you’re building a playground, is it in an area that will have a high number of children for the foreseeable future? Are you building in an area that will be family-friendly and safe in the future as well?

Considering factors that may affect your park in the future is essential to ensuring that your investment is worth the cost and that your park will be utilized for decades to come. These considerations can also help you to determine the quality of your site amenities. Parks with temporary amenities can have a lower cost. On the other hand, investing in permanent infrastructure and amenities is wiser for long-lasting or permanent park spaces.

Best Site Amenities to Consider

When considering how to select products for your park, think about what will attract visitors and encourage them to return week after week. Here are a few essential amenities that can turn a park into an inviting place for the whole community.

Benches and Tables

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One of the most important amenities for a park to provide to its visitors is a seating area made up of benches and tables. Benches and tables provide a convenient place for hikers or parents to rest. They are also optimal places for picnic grounds and eating areas.

When choosing the right bench and table styles for your park site, consider choosing a product that is not only comfortable and durable but also offered with in-ground or surface mounting options. In-ground benches and tables can help to reduce potential vandalism and are less likely to be affected by seasonal changes and bad weather conditions.

PlayPower Canada’s wide selection of commercial outdoor benches and commercial outdoor picnic benches ensures that you will find the colour and style amenity that will best suit your park’s needs.

Trash Receptacles

The first impressions of your park and playground site are critical to the image of the surrounding area and your community. A clean park is better for the surrounding environment and also more presentable and comfortable for visitors, ultimately encouraging more activity on your park’s site. Having an adequate supply of trash receptacles is essential to keeping your space attractive and inviting for the community.

Help to prevent littering, reduce odour and discourage pest invasions with numerous trash receptacles strategically placed around your park.

Bicycle Racks

If your park is located along bike trails or will have high levels of anticipated bike traffic, installing commercial bike racks is essential to your site. Bike racks are a fantastic way to provide adequate parking for bicycles while visitors enjoy your park’s other amenities. Additionally, bicycle racks can provide security and peace of mind for visitors who bring bicycles to your park space. Encourage users to cycle to your outdoor space by installing commercial bike racks today!

Playground Equipment

What better way to encourage families to visit and enjoy the park than with state-of-the-art playground equipment installed on the site? While adults may enjoy hiking and biking trails and wide-open, natural spaces, installing playground equipment can help children to enjoy safe, fun, and creative play spaces.

PlayPower Canada has been a leader in playground equipment sales in Canada for decades and is proud to offer carefully engineered and tested equipment that can help children explore, learn and grow. Learn more about our wide selection of commercial playground equipment here!

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When selecting the best site amenities for your park, it’s crucial to partner with an experienced group of professionals who can deliver the best products and services within the industry. PlayPower Canada offers world-class playground and park equipment to fit all of your site’s needs. Servicing areas within Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary and Montreal, our products are available throughout Canada.

As a Canadian company, we’re proud of our familiarity with the unique features of the climate and people’s needs within each province and territory. Trust our team of experts to deliver the best site amenities possible for your park and playground.

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