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Little Tikes Commercial Playground Equipment Canada

Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of playground equipment in Canada, including design services for customers. As one of the highest standard options for playgrounds, Little Tikes Commercial Canada is your choice when you want equipment that is engineered for durability.

Little Tikes Commercial Playground Options

Little Tikes Commercial offers a range of playground options in Canada, including:

  • Custom playgrounds. When you have a specific vision for your play space, finding the right pre-made equipment can be a challenge. Little Tikes Commercial has a design team that can help you make your vision a reality.
  • Theme playgrounds. Themes, such as fairytales, forests, castles and others create a cohesive look for your playground and spark children’s imagination. Theme playgrounds are also great for social development, since they encourage children to play different roles. In a train-themed playground, for example, one child may act as a conductor while others act as passengers. This kind of play lets children learn how to agree and create roles.
  • Sensory play equipment. Children benefit from learning with all their senses, and Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment delivers. It is designed with bright colors, different textures and sounds. Some Little Tikes Commercial play structures also appeal to the kinesthetic sense by letting children explore different types of movement.
  • Inclusive playgrounds. An inclusive Little Tikes Commercial playground in Canada goes beyond accessibility and allows all children to play on the same playground. Inclusive playgrounds are designed to let children of different abilities play together, so no one is excluded.
  • Separate playground components. Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment can be purchased as part of a complete structure, or you can buy individual components, such as slides or swings. This allows you to customize your play area, upgrade an existing playground or build your recreational area in phases.

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Little Tikes Commercial Canada Equipment

Partners Working Together to Build Communities

Little Tikes Commercial partners with nonprofits, industry experts and government agencies to provide exciting places for all kids to play. They work together to build stronger communities around the world. These partners include:

  • Unlimited Play. A nonprofit organization that uses universally accessible playgrounds to build environments where individuals on all levels can connect for a common cause.
  • Kids Around The World. A nonprofit organization that builds playgrounds in war-torn and impoverished communities in over 70 countries.

These are only a few of Little Tikes Commercial’s exciting partners.  Learn more about their partnerships here.

Playground for All Needs

You may have already seen some Little Tikes Commercial play structures where you live. You can find Little Tikes Commercial playgrounds across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. Little Tikes Commercial Playgrounds are ideal for a variety of commercial applications and industries, including:

If you’re looking for quality playground equipment engineered for safety and that can stand up to Canadian winters, contact Little Tikes Commercial. With a range of equipment and a first-rate design team, Little Tikes Commercial can help you build the play space you’ve always wanted. Get a free quote today!

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