Custom and Themed Playgrounds

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Custom and Themed Playgrounds

Whether you have a custom design in mind, need an affordable solution that kids and families will love or want a themed playground that tells a story, custom play equipment from PlayPower Canada is sure to meet your needs.

We build world-class custom and themed playground equipment for children and families of all abilities that help link a community’s culture and heritage. Our team of experts is eager to answer your questions and design an inclusive, imaginative and themed playground that brings your vision to life.

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Long-Lasting Themed Playground Equipment From PlayPower Canada

Custom and themed play structures from PlayPower Canada are engineered to stand up to Canadian winters and hot summers. We carefully choose playground pieces for style, durability and ease of maintenance. For decades, our custom playground equipment’s quality and resilience have earned us a reputation as an industry leader and trusted source for high-quality playgrounds that last.

Maximize Creativity With Custom Playground Equipment

We design creative play solutions to create one-of-a-kind playgrounds throughout Canada. Our design team can create commercial custom play equipment spaces to fit any budget and footprint. Every community has a unique history to memorialize and deserves playground equipment that sets it apart.

The benefits of custom and themed playgrounds for the children in your community include the following:

1. Encouraging Physical Activity

Custom play equipment can improve kids’ health in several ways. Activity promotes physical fitness, strength and emotional well-being. Creating a custom playground also gives you more opportunities to add inclusive equipment, giving kids of all abilities the chance to play. Playgrounds are an excellent environment where kids can take risks, push themselves to try new things and experiment with the world around them. These activities can boost resilience and self-confidence.

2. Promoting Mental and Emotional Growth

Playgrounds are supervised, diverse environments that encourage social and emotional development. When kids share physical activity with others, they experience a sense of belonging. Playgrounds offer a safe space for kids to practice communicating, sharing, voicing their ideas and standing up for themselves. All of these benefits lead to more mentally and emotionally healthy kids. Play can also decrease anxiety in kids and help them develop a healthy self-image, giving them confidence in more areas of life.

3. Developing Social Skills

Social competence is a valuable skill developed during play. Kids need unstructured play to cultivate empathy, learn how to share and practice effective communication. Playgrounds are an excellent environment for kids to create friendships, improve their social health and deepen teamwork and leadership abilities. Kids who learn to work with others toward common goals on the playground carry that skill into other areas of their lives, becoming more empathetic and cooperative.

4. Challenging the Mind and Stimulating Creativity

Play is essential for brain development in infancy and beyond. Unique playgrounds expose children to new situations and environments, enriching their experience of the world. Custom playgrounds also introduce young children to problems so they can find creative solutions, like interactive sensory play experiences or themed equipment like climbers and rock walls. Kids will play make-believe games, create and adapt to rules and develop creative thinking. All of these skills are helpful throughout life.

The benefits of playgrounds are far-reaching, impacting kids for the rest of their lives. At PlayPower Canada, our mission is to help children across Canada gain access to safe and fun play spaces where they can grow, learn and change. Our team strives to design the best custom play equipment for your park or school. With our wide variety of brands and endless customization options, you are sure to find the right products for your playground.

If you want to bring the benefits of custom and themed play equipment to the kids in your community, request a quote today. Our design team will be happy to work with you toward creating the perfect playground space.

Castle Themed Playground

Wide Range of Themed Playground Equipment

PlayPower Canada is Canada’s largest and most trusted source for first-rate playground equipment. Our custom play structures can include:

  • Playground equipment: We have helped generations of children enjoy safe, creative and fun play spaces. PlayPower Canada goes above and beyond basic playground equipment by offering inclusive designs, flexible play solutions, custom play structures based on research and durable equipment explicitly designed for childhood development.
  • Shade systems and shelters: PlayPower Canada has commercial shade structures that help keep your park or playground comfortable and shaded all year long. We offer a wide variety of commercial shade options and can help you find the best solution for your application.
  • Fitness equipment: Our outdoor fitness equipment brands offer complete workout equipment as well as customizable combination units for themed playgrounds. Fitness equipment from PlayPower Canada is visually appealing and inviting to community members looking to engage in physical activity in a fun social atmosphere.
  • Site furnishings: We bring you site furnishings and amenities from the best brands in the business, including Little Tikes CommercialMiracle Recreation and Wabash Valley. We carefully test all components to ensure our offerings come in a variety of sizes, styles, colours and price points so you can get precisely what you need.

Turn to PlayPower Canada when you need custom and themed benches, picnic tables, entryways, grills, signs, fencing, umbrellas, litter receptacles and bike racks for your playground area.

Who We Serve

You can find PlayPower Canada’s custom and themed playgrounds from Montreal and British Columbia to Vancouver and beyond. We build our custom play equipment to accommodate a wide range of industries and commercial applications, including:

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Since 1947, PlayPower Canada has been delighting communities with our full range of recreational, playground and product offerings. We help park directors, landscape architects, urban planners and contractors bring their unique visions to life.

Our dedicated team of design professionals will work with you one-on-one to create an innovative playground built according to your wishes. As the leading playground equipment manufacturer in Canada, our design team will ensure your playground is age-appropriate and full of aesthetic appeal while remaining within your budget.

Contact PlayPower Canada today for a free consultation or request a quote on our themed playground pieces. Feel free to browse our custom play structures for inspiration for your next project.

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