Churches and Places of Worship

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Churches and Places of Worship

Churches and places of worship across Canada often need playground equipment as well as quality site furnishings to serve their communities better and help create an engaging atmosphere. Playgrounds help communities offer a place for youth religious classes and provide a safe place for children to play.

Site amenities such as shade and benches provide pleasant meeting places for your community to talk, spend time together and attend events.

From Victoria to St. John’s, churches and religious communities turn to PlayPower Canada when they need quality site furnishings and playground equipment for their place of worship.

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Types of Church Playground Equipment and Site Furnishings

For both children and parents who are part of a religious community, churches and places of worship can offer:

  • Indoor play equipment. Church indoor playground equipment can help create a safe space indoors for children. While adults are in religious services, indoor playgrounds from Soft Play can serve as a supervised space where children can play.
  • Outdoor play equipment. Outdoor church playground equipment offers safe and enriching outdoor play areas for children, where children can play and learn. These spaces can complement religious teaching or can help keep children busy when families arrive to worship together.
  • Recycling and litter receptacles. Wabash Valley litter receptacles are attractive and sturdy, and require minimal maintenance. These are ideal for your grounds area and help encourage a clean environment.
  • Outdoor Park Benches. Benches provide quiet areas for meditation or contemplation as well as a quiet space for faith leaders to have one-on-one consultations with parishioners.
  • Park Tables & Dining Sets. Tables provide areas for eating and can be useful for church events and socials. They can also be part of good works projects for feeding the community. They can be used in religious study and in discussions.

Playground Equipment for Churches

Explore Your Church Playground Equipment Options With PlayPower Canada

PlayPower Canada is a top supplier of site furnishings for churches as well as playgrounds for places of worship. We work only with the most trusted brands, such as Little Tikes Commercial, Soft Play and Wabash Valley, among others, to ensure you get durable, quality church site furnishings and playground equipment.

PlayPower Canada offers customization options, so you can create a themed indoor or outdoor playground centered around a religious teaching or nature. We can help you work within your budget and with your design idea to make it a reality.

Since our pieces are long-lasting and durable, they are a strong long-term investment that will help you serve your community for years to come. If you’d like to discuss some of the options PlayPower Canada can suggest for churches or places of worship, contact PlayPower Canada today. One of our friendly team members would be happy to help you assess your church playground sets and site furnishing needs, and provide you with the perfect match for your budget. Contact us for more information!

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