Commercial Outdoor Benches for Sale in Canada

Benches provide comfortable places for community members to sit, enjoy their surroundings and socialize with those around them. In parks and shopping centers, benches offer a convenient spot to take a break from activities — when placed near playgrounds, they allow parents and caretakers to supervise their children as they play.

No matter where installed, benches help make Canadian cities and towns functional and welcoming to everyone. If you’re looking for commercial park benches for sale for your community or project, you can find high-quality options from PlayPower Canada.

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A Wide Selection of Commercial Park Benches For Sale in Canada

Every site needs commercial outdoor benches that blend in with the existing style while also maximizing utility. At PlayPower Canada, we offer a variety of commercial park bench styles to choose from, including:

  • In-ground park benches
  • Surface-mounted park benches
  • Portable outdoor park benches
  • Benches with and without backs
  • Benches with plaques for dedication
  • Benches with and without armrests

The outdoor park benches we have for sale come in multiple colors and feature surfaces with either diamond, perforated, slat or rib patterns. Some even mimic the appearance of wood, allowing you to design a site with a natural feel while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Our benches also come in multiple sizes to fit different spaces. When deciding which bench is right for your application, always consider the environment and needs of the end-user.

Outdoor Playground Bench

Outdoor Playground Benches Designed to Last

When choosing a bench for your outdoor playground or commercial space, you’ll want to find an option that will withstand the elements and retain a nice appearance for a decade or longer. That’s why PlayPower Canada only promotes commercial park benches durable enough to stand up to heavy use, sweltering summer heat and harsh Canadian winters.

To offer true longevity, the benches we carry use high-quality materials and powder or Plastisol coatings. Plastisol does an impressive job protecting benches from corrosion and degradation over time, making Plastisol-coated options ideal for demanding environments like school playgrounds, public parks and bus stops.

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Custom Outdoor Park Benches to Fulfill Unique Requirements

Although we have a broad selection of outdoor park benches for sale, we also know every market has unique requirements for site furnishings. For example, schools may prioritize fun design while shopping centers prioritize comfort and functionality. If our consultants are unable to find a product that meets your specifications in our catalog — whether that means size, design, material, mounting configuration or something else — we will develop a custom solution that does.

Why Choose PlayPower Canada Park Benches?

At PlayPower Canada, we’ve been delighting communities by providing high-quality site furnishings and playground equipment since 1947. Today, we serve customers in all provinces and territories and install products from some of the world’s most respected brands — Little Tikes Commercial, Miracle Recreation and Wabash Valley.

Whether you’re a landscape architect, park director or urban planner, we want to help you find commercial park benches that fit your vision and your budget. To learn more about the playground benches we offer, reach out to us or request a quote online today.

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