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Shelter Systems in Canada

Across Canada and beyond, Shelter Systems are used when communities and organizations need transit stops, trail shelters, pedestrian bridges, entrance arches, gazebos, and other types of durable, aesthetically-appealing shelters. These shelter systems have been used in parks, public streets, sports and recreation areas and numerous other locations. If you need an outdoor shelter, the more than 10 years of experience that Shelter Systems brings to the table can make a big difference – our team of experts can provide you with just the shelter solutions you’re looking for.

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What Makes Shelter Systems Different?

Shelter Systems are fully customizable, so you can get both the look and the functionality you want. Shelter Systems offers a range of products, from gazebos to transit shelters, and just about all kinds of outdoor shelters in between! Shelter Systems is committed to improving the world through design, creating products that make communities more livable, aligned with nature and relaxed.

If you’ve been considering park pavilion manufacturers or any outdoor project, you know that materials and durability are important (especially with harsh Canadian winters). Shelter Systems offers extremely durable structures made with high-quality steel finishes, allowing your finished shelter to stand up to the elements no matter what the season, and stay looking new longer. Additionally, Shelter Systems makes its products with 96-percent recycled materials, so when you choose us, you can feel good about your purchase.

ICON Shelter Systems Canada are solutions for parks, outdoor recreation areas and any areas where large and more elaborate shade solutions are needed. Intricate gazebos, urban transit shelters, large pavilions and other semi-permanent and permanent shade structures are crafted for aesthetic appeal while providing shelter from the sun’s rays.

ICON Shelter Systems builds arbors, athletic field shelters, band shells, clock towers, entrance arches, gazebos, kiosks, pedestrian bridges, sun shelters, trail shelters and more. The company was started in 2004 by talented designers who are committed to creating better and more innovative solutions.

Are Shelter Systems Right for My Project?

Shelter Systems and PlayPower Canada have helped many communities and organizations develop structures that meet their needs. We’ve helped establish shelters with live roofs, covered with plants. We’ve also put together some of the most innovative, eco-friendly structures in the country. Shelter Systems have helped create durable structures that can withstand flooding.

If you’re looking for quality, Shelter Systems has you covered. Continuous weld structures and careful attention to the manufacturing process ensure quality projects that last for years. Shelter Systems are sturdy enough to be placed in North American markets with tidal surges and other extreme weather conditions. In fact, Shelter Systems partners with one of the leading providers of coating systems to ensure each of their shelters has the same quality anti-corrosion finish as a car, allowing structures to last longer than those of competitors.

When communities and organizations need quality build projects and customizable solutions that can handle extreme weather, Shelter Systems engineers and designers are poised to help. Shelter Systems has also worked with systems created to withstand high snow loads and cold temperatures, ensuring they can handle your Canadian project too. Cities turned to Shelter Systems after Hurricane Katrina to develop quality structures, and the company has built park entrances, gazebos in recreational areas and many other types of systems.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable, quality outdoor structure, contact PlayPower Canada to talk about Shelter Systems in Canada. PlayPower Canada will work with you to develop custom solutions so that you get the shelter or structure that exactly meets your needs.

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