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Youth Fitness Equipment

Outdoor exercise equipment for kids allows children to exercise their bodies while using their imaginations. They can dash across an obstacle or calisthenics course, laughing with friends and enjoying the time to feel free. The best equipment will offer them age-appropriate challenges and encourage them to have fun while trying new things.

PlayPower Canada has offered exceptional outdoor gym and workout equipment for kids to communities across Canada since 1947. Our products will fit your space and your budget, giving kids and parents the fun options they desire at parks, schools, housing developments and recreation centers.

Our products are designed to last for the long haul. We make them from durable materials that will withstand many children playing on them over the years. Learn more about our children’s outdoor gym equipment and where you can use it below.

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Kids’ Fitness Equipment You Can Count On

We have assisted many customers with obtaining fitness equipment that kids enjoy. Whether they challenge themselves on a fitness circuit or by navigating an obstacle course, children will enjoy the unique experience they have while using these products. The advantages of choosing our products include:

  • Quality: Each piece is carefully made and will be shipped to you with the utmost care.
  • Durability: Our equipment is sturdy enough to endure Canadian weather of all types.
  • Longevity: You won’t have to replace our well-made equipment for years, making it an excellent investment.

PlayPower Canada can develop custom solutions to give you equipment that meets your unique needs. We offer a range of products, including pieces for callisthenics, circuit workout solutions and more.

Where Can You Use Our Youth Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Fitness equipment offers a fun way to fill space at many locations. You can use it to complement your playground pieces or add a new dimension to your property. The many options we provide include equipment for:

Why Is PlayPower Canada the Right Choice for Kids’ Fitness Equipment?

Our long history of serving Canadian parks, rec centers, schools and more has helped us establish a reputation for excellence. We work with our customers to create solutions they need for their space. We listen to their input and suggest ideas and approaches they may not have considered. Our exceptional customer service supports all their needs throughout the browsing and purchasing process, and we can offer the same for you.

All children should have the chance to play. We also create sensory and autism play equipment as well as inclusive playground equipment. We’ll think of and provide everything that can aid you in the buying process.

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Top Youth Fitness Equipment Brands

When it comes to outdoor fitness, your location deserves the best. That’s why we’re proud to offer the top outdoor fitness equipment brands to ensure you find the right products for your project. Customize your own combination of youth-oriented fitness equipment or choose from a selection of complete outdoor workout experiences. We want to find a solution that works for you and the children you serve. With that in mind, take a look at the market-leading brands you’ll find with PlayPower Canada.

Little Tikes Commercial

From the little tyke who’s bursting with energy after being in a classroom all day to the burgeoning middle schooler preparing for team sports, Little Tikes Commercial designs offer bright, functional fitness equipment for children of all ages.

Older kids will love challenging themselves to run an entire exercise circuit complete with stretches, chin-ups, climbs and many other types of exercises. Younger fitness enthusiasts can engage with stand-alone equipment such as the Arch Ladder that allows kids to climb and play while simultaneously encouraging a fun workout.


Get ready to take your youth fitness program to new heights with TREKFIT outdoor fitness equipment. Each state-of-the-art solution perfectly blends beauty with functionality, offering children a challenging new way to engage with fitness. TREKFIT’s interdisciplinary team includes top architects, designers, kinesiologists and engineers dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind equipment with an undeniable appeal. Children won’t be able to resist exploring and engaging in some active play with these impeccable designs.

Miracle Recreation Equipment

With the rise of popular Ninja-Warrior type programming on TV, your kids will love exploring new levels of physicality with Miracle Recreation Equipment. The Champions Trek brand specially aims to promote physical development as kids engage in a little friendly competition.

These custom climbing challenges provide a full-body workout and push children to new limits of fun. Along with other freestanding products by Miracle Recreation, you’ll see children improve in strength, coordination, mobility and agility. From Breakaways to the Chaos Climber, each brightly coloured, engaging piece of equipment is sure to captivate the minds, bodies and imaginations of children visiting your location.

Contact PlayPower Canada for Your Personalized Fitness Equipment Solution

You want the best equipment for the children who play at your locations, and we want to give it to you. We can work with people who have little experience in children’s outdoor exercise equipment marketplace or customers looking for the most outstanding and remarkable products. Your parks and recreation sites will make quite an impact with our extensive array of fun and exciting fitness equipment and other pieces.

Enhance your space with children’s fitness equipment that kids will be eager to challenge themselves on and explore. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about our outstanding products.

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