Wabash Valley Site Furnishing and Equipment – Canada

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Wabash Valley Site Furnishing and Equipment – Canada

Wabash Valley is known in Canada for providing a variety of great site furnishings for parks, streets, communities, playgrounds and more. Whether you need benches, dining sets, trash receptacles or other amenities for your site, Wabash Valley equipment offers durability, quality and more.

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Wabash Valley Site Furnishings

Wabash Valley has been manufacturing site furnishings for years. All along, their aim has been to provide the best quality and the best selection at reasonable prices. All their products are reliable, safe, eco-friendly and designed to exceed your every expectation. Wabash Valley site furnishings include:

You can outfit your entire park or outdoor recreation area with Wabash Valley benches and other site furnishings. You can use these products to create pleasant places for visitors to sit, safe places for people to store their bikes, and places where families and visitors to your park or outdoor area can build great memories.

You can also feel great about doing business with Wabash Valley Canada because the company is fully committed to core values such as commitment, value, responsiveness and reliability. They care about not only their site furnishings and products, but also about their team members and their customers. And it shows. If you ever have any questions, they’re easy to reach. Their products are created to offer lasting value and reliability. They are fully committed to ensure you are satisfied with your Wabash benches, picnic tables, and more.

Wabash Valley Canada Site Furnishings

Where Can You Find Wabash Valley Site Furnishings?

Wabash site furnishings are used in a variety of locations and industries throughout Canada, including:

  • – Restaurants
  • – Hotels
  • – Parks
  • – Schools
  • – Streetscapes
  • – Public areas
  • – Urbanscapes
  • – Spas
  • – Businesses
  • – …and more!

Businesses choose Wabash Valley because they offer comprehensive warranties, exceptional customer service, and everything you need to enjoy hassle-free site furnishings. Wabash Valley even lets you choose from three coatings to ensure your outdoor site furnishings stay looking great for longer: You can choose from the most durable finish, an economic finish, or an eco-friendly finish that has less impact on the environment. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product that’s designed to last!

Wabash Valley has been helping customers for more than 30 years. In that time, the company has been committed to offering the best in design and function at an affordable price. From sleek to rugged pieces, to site furnishings made from 100% recycled plastic for a smaller carbon footprint, Wabash Valley delivers the products you need to transform your outdoor landscape into something special, practical and useful.

Give visitors a chance to relax and sit on benches or create areas for play with Wabash Valley site furnishings. Keep your area beautiful with ashtray receptacles, waste receptacles and recycling containers. Wabash Valley gives you lots of choices so you can choose the products that best suit you. Get a quote today!

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