Commercial Bike Racks

Bike racks provide security and peace of mind to bicyclists and attract more visitors to parks, playgrounds and commercial sites. As a result, bike racks are essential site furnishings in many Canadian cities and towns, where bikes serve as convenient, sustainable and active modes of transportation. If you’re looking for bike racks for commercial use for your project or community, you can find options that fit your needs, design and budget from PlayPower Canada.

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A Wide Selection of Commercial Bike Rack Styles

Commercial Bike Rack

At PlayPower Canada, we offer a wide variety of bike racks for commercial use, including:

  • Bike loops
  • Portable bike racks
  • Serpentine bike loops
  • And more

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In our selection, you can find in-ground bike racks or surface-mounted bike racks that hold varying numbers of bikes to fit different locations and installation surfaces. We offer custom commercial bike racks that come in a variety of colors, so you can choose an option that blends into the background or matches the bright and colorful design of a playground.

Our bike racks come from brands well-known for providing quality site furnishings, including Little Tikes Commercial, Miracle Recreation and Wabash Valley.

Commercial Bike Racks Made to Last

When choosing a custom commercial bike rack, you want to find a piece of equipment that will stand up to challenging environmental conditions while retaining a beautiful appearance. That’s why PlayPower Canada only promotes commercial park bike racks that are built to last. Our selection includes sturdy steel bike loops, powder-coated bike racks and Plastisol-coated bike racks. These coatings provide lasting protection to keep the installation looking new for years to come and to prevent paint damage that can occur when bikes come into contact with the rack.

Plastisol coatings are up to 30 times thicker than a standard paint or powder coat and come in a range of colors. These bike racks are ideal for withstanding sweltering summers, harsh Canadian winters and constant use by members of the community.

Custom Bicycle Racks Available in Canada to Meet Your Needs

Commercial bike racks can be installed outside at various unique locations — from playgrounds, parks and schools to shopping centers and municipal buildings like libraries. Every market has its own goals for its bicycle racks. For example, a school may prioritize fun design and durability, while a business may want a bike rack that uses space as effectively as possible.

Whether you want to elevate your design or provide functionality within a tight budget, PlayPower Canada has the custom commercial bike racks you are looking for. Our consultants will help you select a product that meets your requirements, or develop a custom solution so you can get equipment that matches your vision perfectly.

Why Choose PlayPower Canada?

At PlayPower Canada, we’ve been delighting communities with our wide selection of playground equipment and site furnishings since 1947. We carry attractive products that offer longevity and ease of maintenance, and we regularly furnish Canadian parks, playgrounds, schools and commercial sites with equipment from some of the most respected brands in the world. Contact PlayPower Canada today for more information or request a quote online.

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