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Our Markets

PlayPower Canada is committed to serving many markets and clients looking for quality playground equipment. Across Canada, we’re proud to serve:

  • Daycares and Schools. Daycares and schools need quality playground equipment to promote fun and learning. At the same time, play equipment in these environments needs to be attractive and safe to keep kids from harm. PlayPower Canada offers a wide array of school and daycare play equipment from some of the top brands in the industry, ensuring you get customized and durable, long-lasting playgrounds.
  • Parks and Recreation. For your park or green area, we can offer playground equipment for a variety of age levels and in designs that blend in well with your area. Our dedicated team of representatives can help you select the right options for your park. We even offer docks and walkway solutions to help you make the most out of any waterfront property.
  • Urban Planners. Municipalities and urban planners need to be able to build accessible, inclusive and safe areas for families and individuals. PlayPower Canada can help by offering a range of play equipment, site amenities and shade solutions to make your community a wonderful place.
  • Landscape Architects. Architects care about construction and aesthetic, and PlayPower Canada can offer customizable designs, attractive site amenities and playground equipment to help you meet those aesthetic standards, as well as solidly-built construction pieces.
  • Churches and Places of Worship. PlayPower Canada offers playground equipment that is ideal for churches and religious centers who are looking to bring communities together while offering a safe space for families to have fun. Our equipment also includes shade and site amenity solutions to create comfortable areas surrounding your place of worship.

To find out how PlayPower Canada markets and how we can serve your needs, contact us to find out more about our specific offerings.

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