Commercial Outdoor Grills

If you’re looking for a better way to accommodate outdoor events, you’ve come to the right place. Commercial outdoor park grills from PlayPower Canada are equipped with a heating grate for cooking a variety of meals. Built to withstand frequent use typical in high-traffic areas, these commercial BBQ grills are finished in rust-resistant black enamel and non-toxic heat.

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World-Class Custom Equipment From PlayPower Canada

PlayPower Canada has been delighting communities with our wide selection of recreational products since 1947. Over the years, PlayPower Canada has grown to be the nation’s trusted source for best-in-class site furnishings, playground equipment, fitness equipment and more. Customers love our brands, including Little Tikes Commercial, Miracle Recreation and Wabash Valley Site Furnishings. Our products attract visitors to locations across Canada, improve quality of life and encourage healthy communities.

PlayPower Canada understands that every market has unique requirements for amenities and site furnishings. While some communal spaces may need functionality and comfort, others may prefer innovation and visually appealing designs. Our consultants are continually striving to develop custom solutions that meet your specifications. 

Commercial-Grade Multi-User BBQ Grills From Wabash Valley 

Wabash Valley is a leading provider of commercial outdoor park grills in Canada that are practical, attractive and innovative. If durability and a long lifespan are your main priorities, you can count on Wabash Valley Site Furnishings to supply commercial BBQ grills engineered to stand up to the elements and heavy use. 

Choose from various commercial outdoor grills, ideal for schools and university campuses, multifamily residential buildings, restaurants, businesses, amusement parks, destination attractions, parks and recreational spaces, including:

Who We Serve 

With decades of combined experience and the industry’s best brands, PlayPower Canada is the go-to choice for many park directors, landscape architects, contractors, business owners and park planners across the country. You can find our commercial BBQ grills and other custom site furnishings throughout Canada’s provinces and territories.

Commercial park grills from PlayPower Canada are ideal for various industries and commercial applications, including:

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You can count on PlayPower Canada to provide solutions that suit your needs, space and budget. We offer customized, one-on-one assistance to help you outfit your space the way you want. Whether you’re looking for commercial outdoor grills, benches, tables, umbrellas, litter receptacles, outdoor dining areas, bike racks, entryways or other site furnishings, PlayPower Canada has what you need. 

If you’re searching for durable, aesthetically pleasing commercial BBQ grills and other furnishings engineered to stand up to Canadian winters, contact us or request a free quote today. We also invite you to browse our product offerings for inspiration for your next project. 

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