Trash Receptacles Buyers Guide

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When visitors come to your park, what do they see? Hopefully, they see a sparkling clean, inviting space that encourages them to linger a while. Keeping your park free of debris is a crucial part of projecting that image, and it’s an important way to honour the investment you’ve made in your green space.

Outdoor trash receptacles for parks deserve a lot more attention and respect than they get, mainly because these hard-working park accessories can help you keep your outdoor space cleaner. PlayPower Canada has put together this trash receptacles buyers guide to help you choose the right litter bins and containers for your park.

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As you consider where and how to encourage visitors to dispose of their trash, think about the following questions:

How Many Trash Receptacles Does Your Park Need?

In general, you want to place a few trash containers around your park, especially near any seating or food areas. When it comes to litter receptacles, a good guide or rule of thumb is to keep them about 25 feet apart.

Where Should the Litter Receptacles Go?

Any transitional space, such as an entrance into a new space or into a park, should have a litter can. In addition, any space near seating areas, washrooms or picnic spaces should have trash receptacles since people are more likely to eat (and thus have food wrappers) there. Any areas where children congregate, such as playgrounds, are also good places to put additional trash bins. If you see debris in specific places in your park, these areas are good candidates for litter receptacles, as well.

How Can You Encourage People to Toss out Their Trash and Recycle?

In addition to making your trash containers visible with bright colours and shapes, make sure they’re handy. Fewer people will use these receptacles if they have to walk off a trail to get to them. Also, make sure the bins are welcoming. If they’re overflowing or smelly, they’re less likely to encourage visitors to throw out their debris.

An area that does not get enough attention — yet is of most importance for our future generations — is recycling. Adding a recycling container to your park will not only show your visitors that you care about the environment, but it will hopefully encourage them to utilize it appropriately.

In today’s society, on-the-go lifestyles are popular, so more and more beverage containers and other recyclables are being consumed outside the home. Recycling conserves materials, ensures our environment stays clean, saves energy and reduces landfill garbage. By placing a recyclable container in your park, you can help teach, motivate and reinforce recycling at home, as well.

Finally, consider whether you might wish to add a sign thanking people in advance for tossing their trash and recycling. Some parks even add a fine for littering to ensure visitors know the rules.

Which Litter Containers Should You Choose?

PlayPower Canada has many litter containers and options and can even customize bins to your specific needs. In general, make sure you choose bins that are the right size. For heavy-traffic green spaces, make sure you buy large enough containers so that they will not overflow.

Think about whether you want bright colours or hues that blend into your space. Consider, too, how the bins will be used. Do you want an open trash bin or a closed one to discourage pests? If you opt for closed lids, consider carefully how large the opening needs to be to stay convenient. Look for bins that are easy to keep clean and empty out.

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We manufacture several durable trash container options to help parks like yours manage waste more effectively and keep your property clean. Our products come in 22-, 32- and 55-gallon sizes, and we offer a variety of patterns, including:

  • Diamond
  • Faux wood
  • Horizontal slat
  • Perforated
  • Rib
  • Rod
  • Round perforation
  • Slat
  • Square perforation

Our inventory also includes various collections you can choose from to hold trash on your park’s grounds.

1. Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection trash receptacles are ideal for adding a pop of fun colour to your park areas. They feature vibrant, perforated exteriors covered in our PLASTISOL coating. Some products from this line are:

  • 32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle – Flare Top: Our flare top trash container is ideal for catching trash with its wide opening. This product comes with a side door option that allows you to remove the trash container inside easily.
  • 10 Gallon Pole Mount Outdoor Trash Receptacle: This small wastebasket unit hangs from an existing pole on your property by means of banding or direct bolting. It’s helpful if you have many poles on your property and want to preserve space.
  • 32 Gallon Tapered Outdoor Trash Receptacle: If you want a tapered trash container from this collection, this is the best option for you. This product comes in a diamond pattern and is compatible with optional lids, liners and mounting post packages that we sell separately.

The products from this line come in 12 different colour options, which allows you to match the style of your park.

2. Green Valley

The trash containers from our Green Valley product line are perfect if you want options that focus on preserving the environment. These receptacles have inground and portable mounting options and are constructed from recycled household plastics. Their exterior slats look like wood to offer a more natural appearance, and you can choose from 25 colour options for their powder-coated frames.

Two of the products in this collection are:

  • 32 Gallon Recycle Slat Outdoor Trash Receptacle w/ liner: This rounded trash can is ideal for areas such as outdoor shopping centers, amusement parks and college campuses.
  • 32 Gallon Square Recycle Slat Outdoor Trash Receptacle w/liner: If you’re looking for a sturdy product that’s resistant to ultraviolet rays and won’t splinter or crack, choose this square trash container.

This collection is perfect if you want the look of wood and the endurance of 95% recycled plastic.

3. Elegance

If you’re looking for effortlessly elegant trash containers to boost your park’s ambiance, consider purchasing from our Elegance collection. These 32-gallon receptacles come in various shapes and material options to best match your needs. You can pair each product with a different type of lid, or no lid at all, depending on what its purpose is.

Some of the designs include:

  • “E” Style 32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle with Liner: For a subtle yet classy design, choose this cylindrical trash container for your park.
  • “J” Style 32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle with Liner: Select the “J” Style container to make catching trash easier with its curved entrance.
  • “K” Style 32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle with Liner: Pick the “K” Style option if you want a design resembling a classic urn.

Enjoy a cleaner and more aesthetic park area by choosing one of the options from our Elegance line.

Choose Trash Receptacles From PlayPower Canada

Trash Receptacles in an outdoor seating area with picnic tables

We hope these litter receptacles guidelines have you thinking about your green space and its cleanness in a whole new way. If you’d like to find the right bins for your park, contact PlayPower Canada to learn about our many options and our customization capability, which help you get the equipment that meets your needs.

When you buy trash containers from PlayPower Canada, you can enjoy quality and durable products that will last for years in the elements. We use materials such as PLASTISOL coatings, recycled plastic and powder-coat finishes to help them remain attractive even after scorching summers and harsh winters.

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