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68 Year Tradition Continues At Lions Park In Paris

PlayPower Canada has been serving Canada since 1947. It began as Paris Playground Equipment Limited, and is still located in Paris, Ontario, Canada. For 68 years children have playing on our equipment in the local Lions Park. Now, the council of Brant County has chosen PlayPower Canada to add new play equipment to further enhance […]

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Sackville Inclusive Play Park – Fun For All!

The Bedford-Sackville Observer just published a great article called “Playing Around: Inclusive Park Will Allow Kids Of All Ability To Participate“.  The article explains that Sackville is getting a new Inclusive Play Park in October, 2015, for children of all abilities to enjoy. In the article, Linda Hefler explains many of the features of this state-of-the-art […]

Côte Saint-Luc : Les citoyens bénéficient maintenant de nouveaux équipements de jeux HAGS au Parc Arthur Zygielbaum!

La ville de Côte Saint-Luc, belle banlieue de l’île de Montréal situé dans la province du Québec, sont très fier de leur nouveau terrain de jeu HAGS au Parc Arthur Zygielbaum. De multiples commentaires positifs ont été affluent de la communauté pour cette combinaison de structure de jeux 18 mois à 5 ans de ‘’UniMini’’ […]

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New Roller Slide Design From PlayPower Canada!

This new Roller Slide is thoughtfully designed for a smooth, easy sliding experience. Children can slide down while the rollers guide them swiftly and effortlessly down the bedway. A favourite with inclusive playgrounds, the Roller Slide is compatible with several of the PlayPower Canada product lines.  The Roller Slide ships fully assembled. Custom versions are also available!