Côte Saint-Luc: Citizen’s Are Enjoying New HAGS Play Equipment in Arthur Zygielbaum Park!

Côte Saint-Luc, the beautiful island suburb of Montreal in Quebec, is proud of their new HAGS playground in Arthur Zygielbaum Park. Positive comments have been flowing in from the community for this combination of the ‘18 months to 5 years’ UniMini and ‘2 to 12’ UniPlay play equipment – the first of its kind in the province of Quebec.

Citizens seem to be particularly pleased with the unique, upscale Swedish styling of the HAGS equipment, the play features, and the minimal use of plastic. Local representative Casey Cameron and his team at Techsport Inc. worked hard to create a solution that would address the community’s needs. This Quebec company is excited with the buzz this small park is generating and proud to have created a solution that the citizens of Côte Saint-Luc love!