Outdoor Fitness Equipment Canada

Use Winter To Prepare For Spring Training

Get Your Community Ready For Spring Outdoor Fitness Training To Begin Niagara Falls and lakes across Canada may be frozen at the moment, but communities are using these winter months to prepare for spring. We are noticing an increased interest and demand for outdoor fitness solutions, and now is the time to select the best solution […]

Orbit Playground Equipment

New Spin For Your Playground

The Orbit is a robust and stylish roundabout, designed for fun social interaction by the leading Swedish play equipment company, HAGS. A favourite in Europe, it was released for Canadian play areas late last year. See a video of it in action at Orbit Video. More information is available from your local PlayPower Canada representative. The Orbit is 1.8m […]

Wilderness Themed Playground

Natural Play Areas Created With Canadian Wilderness Themes

Promote the healthy benefits of active outdoor play in a setting that takes the children’s imaginations into the Canadian Wilderness. Children love the feeling of nature, and love imagery that sweeps them into adventure mode. Climbing opportunities and rope balancing provide ample physical challenge that you can easily augment with PlayPower Canada’s wide range of […]

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Promote Fitness In Your Community With A Health And Fitness BBQ

Get Your Community Ready For The June 6th, 2015, National Health and Fitness Day More and more communities are looking for ways to promote fitness, especially with Canada proclaiming the first Saturday of every June National Health and Fitness Day. One idea that Montreal has had success with is a Health and Fitness BBQ. A park was […]

Inclusive Playground LTC

Little Tikes Commercial Launches New Products In New Orleans

On January 30, 2015, Little Tikes Commercial launched new products for the children of New Orleans to enjoy. The new slides, climbers, and bridges were a great hit with the children, as were the “Tire” Climbers/Clubhouses shown below. The kids loved jumping up on them, crawling under them, and using them as a clubhouse to […]