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PlayPower Canada has been providing children’s school playground equipment for British Columbia and other Canadian regions for years. Here’s a few reasons why our school playground designs and manufacturers stand out:

  • Inclusiveness. PlayPower Canada can help you set up an inclusive play space that is not only accessible for children with mobility issues but that helps children of different ages, abilities and skills play together.
  • A chance for physical activity. Children in school spend many hours sitting at a desk, and inactivity is a key concern for parents and educators. Playground equipment encourages children to get active and to see exercise as fun.
  • A chance for social skills building. Children in school spend a lot of time developing friendships and peer groups. Play spaces offer neutral ground where children can meet other kids and develop lasting friendships.
  • Learning opportunities. Our outdoor play equipment is designed to reinforce the learning that happens in the classroom, with panels and activities that are instructional as well as fun.
  • Options for expanding the imagination. Play time lets kids imagine and work on their creativity with freeform fun that pushes them to let their own ideas run wild.
  • Durable and safe playground equipment. At PlayPower Canada, we take safety and quality seriously. All our school playground equipment for Canada meets and exceeds safety standards and is made from quality materials, so it lasts. All our playground equipment is designed with input from engineers and child experts and is carefully tested for safety and longevity, even during Canadian winters.
  • Other equipment offerings. Besides our wide selection of playground equipment, we also offer outdoor fitness equipment, shade shelters, and site furnishings.
  • Funding resources. If you need to raise funds for your school playground our manufacturers, Little Tikes Commercial and Miracle Recreation, provide step-by-step funding guides and fundraising ideas to help your dream playground become a reality.
  • Canoe Procurement Group of Canada. One of the largest cooperative purchasing groups in the country, Canoe Procurement Group of Canada, partners with Sourcewell and PlayPower Canada to provide cooperative purchasing that streamlines the procurement process while satisfying all legal purchasing requirements.

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School Playground Equipment for Sale

School Playground Equipment

School playgrounds give children the opportunity to play and have fun. But play is about a lot more than just fun for students. It’s also an important way for kids to become independent and to help with physical, cognitive, emotional and physical development. Having quality inclusive play equipment designed to aid in children’s development is a great way to promote physical activity at your school.Miracle Recreation School Playground Equipment

Inclusive Playground Equipment for Schools

While accessible playground equipment helps children with disabilities enjoy play, inclusive playground equipment goes a step beyond accessibility. It allows all children to play together on the playground.

Inclusive playground equipment for schools can include wheelchair accessible equipment, sensory play equipment, and other pieces of equipment that offer something for every need. PlayPower Canada can help you set up an inclusive play space where children of different ages, abilities and skills play together.

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Miracle Recreation Inclusive Playground Equipment

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If you’ve been researching children’s school play equipment manufacturers and trying to find the best solutions, we offer customized, one-on-one help, helping you build the playground you want. Contact us today for a free consultation or to request a quote.

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