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Stait Park, the Rotary Club of Fergus-Elora Accessible Playground, has been featured in The Ontario Parks Association (OPA) offers seminars on Accessibility Training.

This park is a wonderful fundraising success story for this small town with a population of 20,000 people that was able to raise the funds to build this park in 9 months. Contributions came from local companies, local individuals, the Rotary club and a provincial grant.

Some notable features of this beautiful, inclusive play structure are:

– deck access by ramps, transfer station and climbers

– Picture Communication Symbols

– the Tree Climb that reflects the natural environment

– a wheelchair accessible “Rock’n Ship glider” that has an area of 70 sq. ft. (6.5 sq. m) to allow ample space for all children (and caregivers) to play together while enjoying the rocking motion.

– 18 months to 5 year and 5 to 12 year play solutions

– a group swing

– braille features and deck edge markers to make sure

children with vision impairments enjoy this

“park for everybody.”

Here is a video of the park to share the fun and inspire.

Rotary Club of Fergus-Elora Accessible Playground