Qausuittuq To Become Canada’s 45th National Park

A Bill has been introduced to establish Qausuittuq (pronounced: Kow-soo-ee-took) as Canada’s 45th National Park. Qausuittuq is on northern Bathurst Island in Nunavut. Bathurst Island is a traditional hunting and fishing area that has sustained the residents of the community of Resolute.

The news release states that the park will be managed in cooperation with Inuit for the benefit, education and enjoyment of all Canadians. A Parks Canada office and visitor reception centre will be located in Resolute, Nunavut, the nearest community.

“Canada’s newest national park represents another significant achievement on our Government’s record of expanding Canada’s national parks system. Qausuittuq National Park will not only protect the rich cultural heritage of Inuit and ensure economic benefits for the community, it takes action to conserve Canada’s lands and waters and connect people to this beautiful landscape in Canada’s North.”

The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada

This is a great way to celebrate “Parks and Recreation Month”.  The CPRA is encouraging all Canadians to celebrate in June by getting out and being active in their communities.

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