Your Biba playground data report is now available.

Playgrounds, exercise and family fun are crucial to every community — and we are the first to offer accurate stats, profiles and patterns of your playgrounds to help make them their very best through Biba’s digital data tracking.

Our Biba games provide you with data reports full of never-before-seen information about your park, including:

  • Comparables — See how your park compares to others, with family ratings for categories such as safety and cleanliness.
  • Peak hours and peak days — Find out what hours of the day and days of the week families spend most on the playground.
  • Weather impact — See how weather affects how much time kids spend on the playground.
  • Temperature impact — Temperatures can be an excellent indicator of playground attendance conditions as well as whether you need to install shade or other shelter facilities.
  • Activity levels — Biba uses World Health Organization standards to provide each game with a profile that helps indicate which games kids find most attractive on your playground.
  • Equipment reporting and preference — These charts show what parents indicate may be missing from your playground as well as the types of equipment kids prefer.

And Biba is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)-compliant!

Put Biba data to work for you.

Here are just a few ways we know Biba data is already being used by parks and recreation organizations like yours:

  • Managing expenditures — Our data can be critical in steering your park upgrades in the right direction.
  • Program planning — Biba data can help you decide where and when to schedule events based on factors like attendance, accessibility and summer holidays
  • Grant proposals — Data like this can help you with grant-proposal writing for new initiatives, programs and facilities.

Contact your local PlayPower Canada representative for more information about Biba!

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