Why Outdoor Training Is Better Than a Gym Workout

Fitness Training Outdoors
Wondering whether to sign up for a gym or take your exercise outside? Considering why outdoor training is better than a gym workout? Outdoor exercise offers you:

  • ■ Vitamin D: Want to get some vitamins with your workout? Since vitamin D synthesis is produced when sun hits your skin, training outdoors in the sunshine can help you get more of this fat-soluble vitamin! Vitamin D is particularly beneficial to your immune system and bones.
  • ■ Oxygen: Exercising outside lets you enjoy every deep lungful of fresh air. You get more fresh air outside, surrounded by trees and plants. The outdoors also smells better than a sweaty indoor space for this very reason.
  • ■ A changing landscape: How long can you really spend watching the person in front of you in spin class? One of the big benefits you can experience by heading outdoors is that you’ll feel less like a hamster on a wheel. Outside, you can see the changing landscape, taking notice of weather and different seasons throughout the year. You can experience the change in temperatures and even head to different outdoor spots to mix up your workout and keep things exciting and fresh.
  • ■ Room to move: Have you ever been to the gym after the New Year? Waited 15 minutes for the next machine to open up? The outdoors has lots of real estate where you can exercise, so you’ll have plenty of space for your workouts.
  • ■ A naturally resistant workout: While indoor exercise equipment has different levels and settings, it also has you repeat motions exactly. Outside, your body has to stand up to different levels of wind, temperatures, and potentially various terrains, which naturally provides your muscle groups with more challenges to get every part of your body working.
  • ■ Cost savings: You don’t have to pay for classes or exercise equipment to enjoy an outdoor workout. There are parks with fitness circuits that are free to use, and you can also enjoy recreational spaces and walking trails, often with minimal or no fees.
  • ■ A good workout: A workout outdoors does not have to be any less rigorous. A fitness circuit at a park or outdoor area can still provide full strength training and cardiovascular work, and it can be customized to be as intensive or gentle as you need.

Working Out Outdoors Benefits

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Outdoor Physical Activity?

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