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The Aviva Community Fund Is Donating $1 Million Again!

Last September, Canada AM! broadcast Aviva Community Fund grand prize national winner Souris Consolidated School opening their new inclusive playground. Now the Aviva Community Fund is back at it, donating another $1 million to worthy projects like this! They are looking for you to submit great ideas that create positive change within your community. The 2015 Aviva competition opens for […]

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Today’s Parent Picks 6 Playgrounds You Need To Visit

Have a look at this post where Today’s Parent picks 6 Playgrounds You Need To Visit in the Ottawa, Ontario, area. These parks feature the best our capital has to offer in play, and will delight everyone in the family. The Today’s Parent post shows a photo of the play area, gives a brief description, and provides […]

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Hippo Speaks 5 Languages!

Harry the Hippo, the delightful play sculpture from Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems, speaks 5 languages! Children exploring the Hippo will discover English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Braille molded into Harry’s tongue. Plus, caregivers can start teaching some anatomy because the Harry’s heart (corazón/cœur/心臓/Shinzō), lungs, stomachs,… are labelled on his tongue! Children love sitting on […]

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Qausuittuq To Become Canada’s 45th National Park

A Bill has been introduced to establish Qausuittuq (pronounced: Kow-soo-ee-took) as Canada’s 45th National Park. Qausuittuq is on northern Bathurst Island in Nunavut. Bathurst Island is a traditional hunting and fishing area that has sustained the residents of the community of Resolute. The news release states that the park will be managed in cooperation with Inuit for […]