Park Fitness Equipment

Training Programs For Adults, Seniors and Wheelchair Users

TrekFit has released a mobile app that helps you find a fitness location, then find a training program tailored to your fitness abilities and goals. You can download the app for free at the Apps Store. Once installed, you can press the app’s ‘Locate’ button to find the closest TrekFit site, or ‘Train’ to choose between training […]

Playground, Play Event, Inclusive

New SWAY NET Adds Unique Fun To Your Playground!

Little Tikes Commercial just released their new SWAY NET and it is a great way to add unique fun to your playground. It’s hard to convey how much fun this event is in still pictures, so it’s worth checking out the video on YouTube. Take on the sway net challenge! Sway Net provides a unique […]

Getting To The Ice Road On Time!

Norman Wells Daycare is located on Arctic Circle Road in Fort Good Hope, North West Territories (way up north!). In February they received funding to buy some playground equipment and chose to purchase through our ‘local’ representative, Lucy Skuba of Play Systems North. Lucy quickly learned that this project would have tight time constraints on […]