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NRPA Survey + Using Technology To Connect Kids to Nature

Free games to encourage healthy outdoor playDid you know the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) publishes the results of its monthly park and recreation surveys? The surveys are part of its official polling group, the NRPA Park Pulse and are available to the public on the NRPA website. Click the image below to see an infographic of the results.

In July 2018, the focus was on Drawing Kids to Nature Through Tech, and the findings revealed that 77% of the parents surveyed agreed that “merging technology and nature will increase children’s desire to go to parks.”  In a related article, Barbara Tulipane, CAE, NRPA President and CEO is quoted as saying “The negative effects too much screen time can have on a child’s development are well-known. However, when used responsibly, technology can be used to connect children to their natural surroundings, especially in parks where opportunities to bridge technology and nature exist.”

PlayPower Canada is well aware of how tech can actually draw children to play and experience the great outdoors. In February 2015 we launched mobile games optimized for PlayPower playgrounds, then in early 2016 followed up with free games to encourage outdoor play. Both these articles feature Biba mobile apps and Biba-activated playgrounds from PlayPower. Since then, Biba-activated playgrounds have been installed across Canada, delighting families with their ability to add digital elements like treasure maps and obstacle course challenges to play areas. The Journal of Child Health Care published an article on a study noting that Biba playground play results in greater amounts of moderate to vigorous physical activity – a great outcome given the challenges parents are facing with when trying to encourage their children to get healthy, physical activity. To see other ways Biba is benefiting parks in Canada, click here to learn about playground data reports on our website.

The experts at PlayPower Canada are here to help you create the best solution for your site and community. Along with our accessible, inclusive, and smart playgrounds, we offer formal training, workshops, webinars, and informational kits to share successful models and challenges we’ve overcome along the way.

Contact your local PlayPower Canada rep today to find out more about using technology to connect kids to nature.

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Canada’s Best Play Equipment For Your Community—Now On Sale!

Playground Sale Canada

For a limited time, save on the best playground equipment in Canada! We’re running a special promotion on our finest assortment of play structures and independent events.

Now is your chance to create beautiful, fun play areas that delight your community—even if you are dealing with a limited budget. Give your children access to the developmentally appropriate and inclusive equipment they need. This offer is for Canadian playground buyers only, and runs only through June 30th, 2019.

PlayPower Canada products are IPEMA certified to be compliant to CSA standards, meaning you can rest assured that you’ll be purchasing top-quality products that comply with the latest standards.

Act now for great savings on Little Tikes Commercial and Miracle Recreation play equipment. This sale includes both full play structures AND independent events. Request a free quote today!

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Click the catalogue above to see our sales flier. Like what you see? Contact a rep directly to get a quote!

Give All Children the Ability to Play Together

Universally accessible playgrounds from Unlimited Play and Little Tikes Commercial.

Little Tikes Commercial and Unlimited Play are ready to partner with your local team to create universally accessible playgrounds that children of all abilities can enjoy together.

Unlimited Play is a non-profit organization that uses universally accessible playgrounds to rally community members around a higher set of values, working together to build environments where individuals on all levels can connect for a common cause. The goal of our partnership is to create an inclusive play environment that will be a point of pride for the community for many years to come — a place where all kids and adults are accepted for who they are, not what they can or can’t do.

Rock’n Ship Glider

Little Tikes has developed products like the Seven Station Play Factory that enables children of all abilities to easily play together or enjoy a parallel play experience. Other Little Tikes Commercial inclusive and accessible play components include the Rock’n Ship Glider, a gently swaying, wheelchair-accessible glider, and Activity Panels that allow children to express themselves while exploring imaginative play.

The experts at Unlimited Play, Little Tikes Commercial and PlayPower Canada are here to help you create the best solution for your site and community. Along with our accessible and inclusive playgrounds, we offer formal training, workshops, webinars and informational kits to share successful models for universally accessible play as well as the challenges we’ve overcome along the way.

For more information about the Little Tikes Commercial partnership with Unlimited Play, please visit or for more details about our inclusive and accessible playgrounds.

For more news on inclusive play, check out the posts below.

Contact your local PlayPower Canada rep today to find out more about Unlimited Play and how we specialize in helping businesses, schools and other organizations understand the importance of inclusive play spaces and experiences.

New Inclusive Picnic Table and Bench Solutions for Public Spaces Now Available.

Landscape architects and developers looking to provide public seating that’s designed to be both inclusive and appealing need to check out the new line of inclusive tables, picnic tables and benches recently launched by PlayPower Canada. You can get a closer look at the kind of rugged and attractive products available through this new line of public seating solutions below.

The 46″ AODA/ADA Square Table is a three-seat option that allows accessibility on one side compliant with AODA and ADA. This table is available with either an inground or surface-mount leg option with posts constructed from rugged four-inch square steel tubing. The surface mount option has a plate welded to the base with four ½-inch diameter holes for anchoring (anchoring hardware not included). Umbrellas can be used with these tables, although they must be secured to the tables. The table tops and seats are coated in a rugged Plastisol coating, while the framework is coated in an AAMA2604-05-compliant powder coating and available in your choice of a diamond or perforated pattern.

The 6′ AODA/ADA Separate Bench Table has a heavy-duty frame constructed from 2 3/8″ OD steel tubing and is wheelchair-accessible on both ends. Like the 46” Square Table, the table tops and seats of the 6’ AODA/ADA Separate Bench Table are coated in a rugged Plastisol coating, with an AAMA2604-05-compliant, powder-coated framework available in your choice of a diamond or perforated pattern.

The 3’ Extendable Post Bench, which we call ‘The Playground Bench,’ is constructed from powder-coated five-inch steel tubing to match your play equipment. This bench complies with CSA Play Equipment standards so it can be included in the play area, allowing caregivers to be close the play! Also ask about shade solutions to let everyone play safely outdoors on those beautiful summer days!

To see the full line of site amenities available from PlayPower Canada, please visit , , or .

Contact your local PlayPower Canada representative for more information.

Biba-Enabled Play

Your Biba playground data report is now available.

Playgrounds, exercise and family fun are crucial to every community — and we are the first to offer accurate stats, profiles and patterns of your playgrounds to help make them their very best through Biba’s digital data tracking.

Our Biba games provide you with data reports full of never-before-seen information about your park, including:

  • Comparables — See how your park compares to others, with family ratings for categories such as safety and cleanliness.
  • Peak hours and peak days — Find out what hours of the day and days of the week families spend most on the playground.
  • Weather impact — See how weather affects how much time kids spend on the playground.
  • Temperature impact — Temperatures can be an excellent indicator of playground attendance conditions as well as whether you need to install shade or other shelter facilities.
  • Activity levels — Biba uses World Health Organization standards to provide each game with a profile that helps indicate which games kids find most attractive on your playground.
  • Equipment reporting and preference — These charts show what parents indicate may be missing from your playground as well as the types of equipment kids prefer.

And Biba is COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)-compliant!

Put Biba data to work for you.

Here are just a few ways we know Biba data is already being used by parks and recreation organizations like yours:

  • Managing expenditures — Our data can be critical in steering your park upgrades in the right direction.
  • Program planning — Biba data can help you decide where and when to schedule events based on factors like attendance, accessibility and summer holidays
  • Grant proposals — Data like this can help you with grant-proposal writing for new initiatives, programs and facilities.

Contact your local PlayPower Canada representative for more information about Biba!

Click to request your Biba data report now!

2018 Catalogues Ready to Download!

The 2018 Catalogues Are Here!

The new 2018 catalogues have arrived, filled with new products from Little Tikes Commercial Play Structures and Miracle Recreation. Each catalogue is available in English and French and features exciting solutions for inclusive playgrounds, custom playgrounds and independent play from some of the world’s leading experts. What an incredible time to be a kid… or a parent, or a park planner or a landscape architect!

Little Tikes Commercial gives you new ways to open the gateway to the magic of outdoor play. Start your creativity engines with the Concerto™ line of outdoor musical equipment, the hybrid Morphous Slide, NU-edge® nature-inspired play structures, a ground-level Surface Spinner and new activity panels that inspire curiosity, critical thinking and fun.

Miracle Recreation brings you more new ways to shape the future of play. Unleash the latest thrilling innovations, like the Extreme Generation adventure playground, the Concerto™ line of outdoor musical equipment, revolutionary new Dome Climbers, the ground-level Inclusive Whirl, the Biba mobile playground app and new play panels that promote interactive, sensory and inclusive play for kids of all abilities.

Contact your local Playpower Canada representative to find out more about the latest in play!


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November 20th is National Child Day!

National Child Day is celebrated on November 20th each year. It marks Canada’s adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to ensure that all children are treated with dignity and respect. This includes the opportunity for to have a voice, to be protected from harm and to have their basic needs met to give them every opportunity to reach their full potential.






Information and resources to help you celebrate can be found at the Canadian government site:

Additional information and resources can be found at the Unicef and the National Child Day site:


Optimists, Landscape Architect, And PlayPower Produce Award-Winning Design

Little Tikes Commercial Nu-Edge X-Tower

Doug Fountain of F.D. Fountain Landscape Architecture worked with the PlayPower representative Maryanne Swinimer of Playground Planners to create an award-winning park in Optimist Park, Ottawa. Little Tikes Commercial Nu-Edge structures were designed to complement the park’s community center, and the Landscape Architect pulled the site together with pathways, hardscape and plantings.

When the judges reviewed the final park, they decided to award it a 2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Award for Excellence in Public Places and Civic Spaces. On top of this

honour, the park will be the Ottawa entry to the 2018 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Urban Design Awards competition! We will be eagerly looking forward to the results of that competition.


Play finds a Way! Help your community fund their playground projects

Help your community fund their playground projects with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project and Community Accessibility Grants.

If you know of a community looking for help to fund playground projects, be sure to share the news of the following grants from Jumpstart Charities, made possible by a $50-million/five-year commitment from Canadian Tire Corporation:

Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project

Jumpstart will work with selected municipalities across Canada to design and build large-scale, accessible and inclusive playgrounds for kids of all abilities. Leveraging universal design principals, Jumpstart’s goal is to ensure that these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and accessible spaces where children of all abilities can play side-by-side and share in the magic of play. At least one playground will be built in every province and territory.

Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants

The Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants support capital costs of construction and renovations related to improving physical accessibility to recreation facilities in Canadian communities.

Two funding opportunities are available to improve these facilities:

  • – Accessibility Funding: Provides up to $50,000 for projects designed to adapt and enhance existing facilities to promote accessibility.
  • – Inclusivity Innovation Funding: Provides between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of different abilities.

These grants are part of a $50 million/five-year commitment to Jumpstart Charities that Canadian Tire Corporation announced on September 19, 2017, to give Canadian kids with disabilities greater access to sport and play.

Jumpstart’s “Play Finds a Way’” Movement includes funding for:

  • – Accessible playgrounds, infrastructure and programming to provide access to play and sport for children with disabilities
  • – Building world-class, fully accessible “destination” playgrounds in every province and territory
  • – Retrofitting existing community centres, parks and arenas in communities from coast-to-coast to help remove physical barriers that prevent children with disabilities from participating in sport

Make sure you share these grants with your community leaders!

Help them secure the funding they need to grow their playgrounds and support their communities by partnering with PlayPower and your agency to help them fulfill this worthwhile mission.

Join Us In Montréal At The World Design Summit

6 Disciplines 100 Topics 25 Keynotes 500 Speakers

The 2017 IFLA, CSLA|AAPC and AAPQ Congress of the World Design Summit starts in Montréal on October 16th and runs until October 25, 2017.

The summit is bringing together Landscape Architects, Architects, Urban Planners, Industrial Designers, Interior Designers and Graphic Designers from around the world! The purpose is to share knowledge between disciplines, see the latest innovations for public spaces, and hearpresentations on best practices. Keynote speakers ranging from Moshe Safdie, the architect of the iconic Habitat 67,  to the Netherlands Landscape Architect Dirk Sijmons to Seattle’s Urban Planner David Driskell. Details are available at and .

Be sure to attend the Inclusive Planning And Design Practices presentation by PlayPower Canada’s General Manager Brian Jenkins (Topic 32, Oct. 18). PlayPower creates legendary play experiences by creating innovations that transform parks and public spaces into delightful, highly valued parts of our communities. After the presentation, stop by the PlayPower booth (005-03) to discuss how we can help you change the world!

To receive a promo code to get 10% of­ a congress registration ticket, send us an email at [email protected] with “Promo Code?” in the subject line.