Guide to Providing Shade in Your Park

Shade for Park Playground

Providing adequate shade in parks is essential to encouraging visitors to drop by more. When visitors know they won’t overheat and understand they can seek refuge in a comfortable, shady spot on a bright day, it’s easier for them to make the decision to visit the green space you’ve worked so hard to design!

Proper shade also helps keep active visitors from overheating on sunny days and can protect everyone from the sun’s rays, especially when they’re spending lots of time outside. Shade can even cut glare, so when exciting events are planned, audiences can see better.

You have lots of options when it comes to offering shade. We’ve created this guide to providing shade in your park to help you make the best choices.

How to Provide Shade in Parks

If you have a park, green space or recreational area and want to add shade, you should mull over a few considerations:

    • ■ How much space do you have for your shade? Do you have room for lots of trees, or are you better off with a cantilever shade structure that has minimal posts? The smaller your space, the more important it is to find shade solutions with a small footprint.
    • ■ What is the terrain like? If the ground is sandy or bad for trees, shade structures may be a stronger option. If you live in an area where flooding or extreme weather is a risk, choose highly stable and durable shades.
    • ■ Do you want public park shade structures or natural shade, such as trees? Trees can blend in more easily with a green space, but you need to consider pests and how long it will take trees to grow. In addition, think about whether root systems will harm garden areas, benches or recreation areas. If you’re considering shade structures, think about your budget, needs and the look you would most like to see.
    • ■ Where is shade most needed? Look at where park visitors tend to linger for a while. Whether it’s by picnic tables, benches or a favorite spot to watch sports, these are the areas where shade is important. Also, keep an eye out for any areas that overheat and anywhere park visitors tend to be active. These spaces may need some shade to keep things cool.
    • ■ What visibility considerations do you need to think about? Make sure your proposed shades are not blocking views of bandstands, sports fields or a great view. If you have a playground, for example, make sure parents can supervise children without being encumbered by a shade post.

Shade over Park Picnic Area

Work With PlayPower Canada for Public Park Shade Structures

PlayPower Canada has years of experience providing shade in public parks across the country. We offer a range of shade solutions, from ones with small footprints to larger shades that cover more space. We can even help customize your park area with a personalized shade designed for your unique needs. Contact us today to start discussing your park shade structures.

Biba-Enabled Play

NRPA Survey + Using Technology To Connect Kids to Nature

Free games to encourage healthy outdoor playDid you know the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) publishes the results of its monthly park and recreation surveys? The surveys are part of its official polling group, the NRPA Park Pulse and are available to the public on the NRPA website. Click the image below to see an infographic of the results.

In July 2018, the focus was on Drawing Kids to Nature Through Tech, and the findings revealed that 77% of the parents surveyed agreed that “merging technology and nature will increase children’s desire to go to parks.”  In a related article, Barbara Tulipane, CAE, NRPA President and CEO is quoted as saying “The negative effects too much screen time can have on a child’s development are well-known. However, when used responsibly, technology can be used to connect children to their natural surroundings, especially in parks where opportunities to bridge technology and nature exist.”

PlayPower Canada is well aware of how tech can actually draw children to play and experience the great outdoors. In February 2015 we launched mobile games optimized for PlayPower playgrounds, then in early 2016 followed up with free games to encourage outdoor play. Both these articles feature Biba mobile apps and Biba-activated playgrounds from PlayPower. Since then, Biba-activated playgrounds have been installed across Canada, delighting families with their ability to add digital elements like treasure maps and obstacle course challenges to play areas. The Journal of Child Health Care published an article on a study noting that Biba playground play results in greater amounts of moderate to vigorous physical activity – a great outcome given the challenges parents are facing with when trying to encourage their children to get healthy, physical activity. To see other ways Biba is benefiting parks in Canada, click here to learn about playground data reports on our website.

The experts at PlayPower Canada are here to help you create the best solution for your site and community. Along with our accessible, inclusive, and smart playgrounds, we offer formal training, workshops, webinars, and informational kits to share successful models and challenges we’ve overcome along the way.

Contact your local PlayPower Canada rep today to find out more about using technology to connect kids to nature.

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