Optimists, Landscape Architect, And PlayPower Produce Award-Winning Design

Little Tikes Commercial Nu-Edge X-Tower

Doug Fountain of F.D. Fountain Landscape Architecture worked with the PlayPower representative Maryanne Swinimer of Playground Planners to create an award-winning park in Optimist Park, Ottawa. Little Tikes Commercial Nu-Edge structures were designed to complement the park’s community center, and the Landscape Architect pulled the site together with pathways, hardscape and plantings.

When the judges reviewed the final park, they decided to award it a 2017 City of Ottawa Urban Design Award for Excellence in Public Places and Civic Spaces. On top of this

honour, the park will be the Ottawa entry to the 2018 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Urban Design Awards competition! We will be eagerly looking forward to the results of that competition.


Play finds a Way! Help your community fund their playground projects

Help your community fund their playground projects with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project and Community Accessibility Grants.

If you know of a community looking for help to fund playground projects, be sure to share the news of the following grants from Jumpstart Charities, made possible by a $50-million/five-year commitment from Canadian Tire Corporation:

Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project


Jumpstart will work with selected municipalities across Canada to design and build large-scale, accessible and inclusive playgrounds for kids of all abilities. Leveraging universal design principals, Jumpstart’s goal is to ensure that these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and accessible spaces where children of all abilities can play side-by-side and share in the magic of play. At least one playground will be built in every province and territory.

Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants


The Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants support capital costs of construction and renovations related to improving physical accessibility to recreation facilities in Canadian communities.

Two funding opportunities are available to improve these facilities:

  • – Accessibility Funding: Provides up to $50,000 for projects designed to adapt and enhance existing facilities to promote accessibility.
  • – Inclusivity Innovation Funding: Provides between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of different abilities.

These grants are part of a $50 million/five-year commitment to Jumpstart Charities that Canadian Tire Corporation announced on September 19, 2017, to give Canadian kids with disabilities greater access to sport and play.

Jumpstart’s “Play Finds a Way’” Movement includes funding for:

  • – Accessible playgrounds, infrastructure and programming to provide access to play and sport for children with disabilities
  • – Building world-class, fully accessible “destination” playgrounds in every province and territory
  • – Retrofitting existing community centres, parks and arenas in communities from coast-to-coast to help remove physical barriers that prevent children with disabilities from participating in sport

Make sure you share these grants with your community leaders!

Help them secure the funding they need to grow their playgrounds and support their communities by partnering with PlayPower and your agency to help them fulfill this worthwhile mission.

Join Us In Montréal At The World Design Summit

6 Disciplines 100 Topics 25 Keynotes 500 Speakers

The 2017 IFLA, CSLA|AAPC and AAPQ Congress of the World Design Summit starts in Montréal on October 16th and runs until October 25, 2017.

The summit is bringing together Landscape Architects, Architects, Urban Planners, Industrial Designers, Interior Designers and Graphic Designers from around the world! The purpose is to share knowledge between disciplines, see the latest innovations for public spaces, and hearpresentations on best practices. Keynote speakers ranging from Moshe Safdie, the architect of the iconic Habitat 67,  to the Netherlands Landscape Architect Dirk Sijmons to Seattle’s Urban Planner David Driskell. Details are available at  http://www.csla-aapc.ca/events/2017-congress-world-design-summit and https://worlddesignsummit.com/congress/landing-landscape-architecture/ .

Be sure to attend the Inclusive Planning And Design Practices presentation by PlayPower Canada’s General Manager Brian Jenkins (Topic 32, Oct. 18). PlayPower creates legendary play experiences by creating innovations that transform parks and public spaces into delightful, highly valued parts of our communities. After the presentation, stop by the PlayPower booth (005-03) to discuss how we can help you change the world!

To receive a promo code to get 10% of­ a congress registration ticket, send us an email at enquiries@playpower.com with “Promo Code?” in the subject line.