Gravity Rail from Miracle Recreation. Zipline fun for the playground!

Thrilling Products and Announcements at the NRPA Show in St. Louis

If you are headed to the NRPA show in St. Louis, be sure to stop by booth 2210 to learn about the latest developments from PlayPower. The Little Tikes Commercial booth has exciting information about the latest development in inclusive play, while the Miracle Recreation booth has information about thrilling products such as the Gravity Rail.

This video gives you a taste of what you can experience at the show:

gravity-rail-from-miracle-recreation-the-ultimate-in-zipline-playground-funGravity Rail from Miracle Recreation. Zipline fun for the playground!

Enjoy the show!

New barrier-free playground at Westboro Elementary School in Sherwood Park, Alberta

CBC News just broadcast a feature on the opening of the new barrier-free playground at Westboro Elementary School in Sherwood Park, Alberta. The article on the CBC website has video of the playground in use and interviews with happy residents and teachers at the grand opening. (

The playground features many of the amazing inclusive Little Tikes Commercial products available from PlayPower Canada. These include the Rock ‘n Ship, Revolution Inclusive Spinner, Generation Swing, Inclusive Swing Seats, Infinity Web, and so much more.

Check out our August 15, 2016 post that includes a link to the Parents Group blog detailing the process and finished playground. The blog also celebrates “all those people, businesses and groups who help us achieve our dream as they are true HEROES and deserve to be celebrated” and is “actively looking for HEROES to help build playgrounds designed with all children in mind; playgrounds with the right equipment & surfacing solutions to accommodate everyone’s needs.”

A few interesting quotes from the blog are:

“It appears that the Revolution Spinner is the biggest hit; there are always tons of kids crowded on it spinning around and around. I’ve heard that at recess time, there is always a line up. I’ve noticed adults swinging in the special needs swings since they are large enough to hold an adult which is cool; they have a good vantage point towards the one half of the playground. I’ve seen kids in them too; with the full back, it’s a different swinging sensation than a regular swing. I’ve noticed kids climbing around and through the Infinity Web, and digging in the sand below it. Other kids rocking in the ship that really rocks, or running through it and climbing through the port holes on their way somewhere else. They are climbing, and sliding like crazy too.”

“I also really enjoyed watching the Generation Swing in use. I have never seen one of these and I saw a dad swinging with his toddler and they both looked like they were having a blast. I wish these existed when my kids were little.”


For more information contact your local PlayPower Canada representative.


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Videos Of Favourite Play Events

PlayPower Canada just posted videos of some of the world’s favourite play events online. Now you can see children interact, build skills, learn, and have fun when you are planning what events you want in your local playground or park.

See Little Tikes Commercial videos at and Miracle Recreation videos at

For reference material on all your favourite play equipment, go to

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