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Zipline + Inclusive Spinner + Best Play Equipment = Fantastic Park In Acton (see video)

Prospect Park 1, Acton, ON

Prospect Park in Acton has a fantastic combination of play equipment that children love. A few highlights are the Mantis Zipline, the Wheelchair Inclusive Spinner, the best Inclusive Swing Seat, and a skill building play structure. Check out the video to see it in action – Acton Part 2 !

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Beautiful NuEdge KidBuilders In Toronto.

Communities love their parks and playgrounds, and PlayPower Canada loves helping municipalities and landscape architects make the best parks possible. This video gives you a quick overview of a beautiful NuEdge KidBuilders structure in well used Toronto park.


For more info contact your local PlayPower representative, and enjoy summer!

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Now Is Your Chance – Limited Time Offer For Canadian Playground Buyers

PlayPower Canada just launched a Limited Time Offer for Canadian Playground Buyers. Take advantage of great savings on Little Tikes Commercial play equipment and Miracle Recreation playground equipment. Check out the great deals play structures, independent events, and site amenities.

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Make sure to ask about all the inclusive solutions, like the Revolution Inclusive spinner, the Alta Glide Inclusive Glider, Ten Spin, Tire Climb with Seats, and  Generation Swing. Don’t forget to add a shade structure to protect the children from the sun!

Best Canadian Play Equipment, Limited Time Offer