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Training Programs For Adults, Seniors and Wheelchair Users

TrekFit has released a mobile app that helps you find a fitness location, then find a training program tailored to your fitness abilities and goals. You can download the app for free at the Apps Store. Once installed, you can press the app’s ‘Locate’ button to find the closest TrekFit site, or ‘Train’ to choose between training programs for adults, seniors and wheelchair users.

You can find out more about the line at and more about the mobile app at

The link to the App Store is

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New Mobile Fitness App Available!

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New SWAY NET Adds Unique Fun To Your Playground!

Little Tikes Commercial just released their new SWAY NET and it is a great way to add unique fun to your playground. It’s hard to convey how much fun this event is in still pictures, so it’s worth checking out the video on YouTube.

Take on the sway net challenge! Sway Net provides a unique net climbing experience with gentle swaying action. Whether you craw, lean back, climb, stand or balance, each experience will be different from the first. Climb alone or in a group to get in sync for a smooth swaying adventure!

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Getting To The Ice Road On Time!

Norman Wells Daycare is located on Arctic Circle Road in Fort Good Hope, North West Territories (way up north!). In February they received funding to buy some playground equipment and chose to purchase through our ‘local’ representative, Lucy Skuba of Play Systems North. Lucy quickly learned that this project would have tight time constraints on delivery because the only cost effective way to ship to this location is by truck on the frozen Ice Road that sometimes shuts down for the year as early as March 15th.

The Ice Road, as the name suggests, is made entirely of ice; it’s the only land route that connects remote northern communities in the winter months. As soon as it’s cold enough, trucks apply water over the muskeg until the surface ice is about six inches thick. The road is then staked to guide drivers on their way north. From mid-December to mid-March, the ice road winds through forests, and over frozen rivers and marshes.

Certain products weren’t immediately available, but PlayPower Canada’s scheduling and production team understood the situation and were able to work around the short notice and Ice Road deadline. The team managed to adjust schedules and ship the complete order on Friday, February 27th!

The equipment took the arduous journey over the Ice Road and arrived safely at our customer’s location. Lucy reported; “Our customer is thrilled!”