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Fundraising Can Deliver Outstanding Accessible Parks

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Parks and Recreation Ontario hosted their annual Education Forum at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood last week.

PlayPower Canada representative Steve Howes was one of the guest speakers, leading a session called “How Community Fundraising Can Deliver Outstanding Accessible Parks”.   This seminar tells the story of how a small group of parents engaged their entire community, delivering two large accessible parks in Fergus and Elora over a two year period.   If you would like to  learn more, or see this presentation, please email: [email protected]


AODA Playground Equipment

Accessibility Training For Local AODA Accessibility Advocates

Municipalities are turning to members of their communities to be local Accessibility Advocates as part of embracing the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act).  The Ontario Parks Association (OPA) offers seminars on Accessibility Training and has produced a 30 minute video review of best practices for play areas. The 3 part video and seminars explain how to make a play area inclusive.

The video is set in Fergus, Ontario, Canada, which has a fun, beautiful Accessible Playground. The video features interviews with children and parents on the pros and cons of surfacing options, ramps versus transfer stations, upper body development opportunities and the merits of various activity panels to address a variety of disabilities. It also tells a wonderful fundraising success story for this small town with a population of 20,000 people that was able to raise the funds to build this park in 9 months. Contributions came from local companies, local individuals, the Rotary club and a provincial grant.

For more information about this training or the Fergus Rotary Accessible Playground, please contact your local PlayPower Canada representative.

The video is available on YouTube, separated into three 10 minute sections:

Part 1:

Part 2:  

Part 3: